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In this economy, NOW is the best time to take advantage of the real estate market! You don’t have to have lots of experience or time to be successful.  What you do need is to work smarter not harder. My Automated Wholesaling System and software will take all the hard work out of flipping houses, and you will be successful in no time flat!


From the desk of: Duncan C. Wierman

Subject:  Automated Wholesaling

Dear Friend:

Everyone knows the potential that flipping properties can provide doing it the “old” fashion way. You probably know the drill. Buy a home at below market prices, fix it up and then sell it at full market price, making a profit. It sounds great and many real estate investors, veteran and new, have been able to make extraordinary amounts of money that way. But  fixing and flipping houses can be risky!

Get all the Benefits Without the Hassle!

Ask yourself this.  Do you really want to:

  • Tie up your money putting a large cash deposit on a property in order to buy it at a decent price?
  • Pay closing costs that eat into your profits?
  • Hire contractors to update your foreclosed property to get it ready for sale?
  • Pull permits and deal with zoning issues?
  • Deal with costly delays because of unexpected problems that may crop up during renovation?
  • Have to pay a mortgage while you wait for your property to sell and the new homeowner to get financing?

For many new real estate investors, the thought of all this hassle makes them give up before they’ve even begun. Game over!

My name is Duncan Wierman and I learned pretty quickly that the way to make money is not by flipping houses the old fashion way.  It’s by becoming a “wholesale flipper” and selling unwanted houses to other investors who don’t want to take the time to find these properties on their own.

That’s right. Instead of haggling with contractors for a fair price on renovations, I now buy properties at LOW prices and then sell them “AS IS” for a higher price to other real estate investors who want to make money fixing them up and selling them to homeowners.

But finding the right  property can be time-consuming. You could spend hours combing websites and talking to agents about properties that are available, only to find out they’re not viable properties that will turn into cash in your pocket!

That’s why I’ve developed unique software with a  system called the Automated Wholesaling Profit System that will turn time wasters and hassles into profits!

The Automated Wholesaling System is a revolutionary software system that will save you time and hassles!
It’s like putting your real estate business on autopilot!


Save money and time by using our Automated Wholesaling System and Software. For a low monthly price it will take the work out of finding properties at  fabulous prices, making offers and getting your properties sold! You’ll be able to buy more properties and “flip” them to other investors quickly and easily, generating more profits for your business.

The Automated Wholesaling Software is like having a real estate office manager right on your desktop!

  • You’ll find motivator sellers knocking on your door.
  • You’ll have investors lined up to make offers on houses you control.
  • You’ll have less hassle, less risk and more profits!

The Automated Wholesaling System and software takes all the work out of profiting in the real estate market. It’s simple to use right from your home office. Simply sign in and search for property. Everything you need to make money flipping homes as a wholesaler is right at your fingertips!

Now, if you really want to flip homes the old fashion way, that’s great. More power to you. You can line up at my door and I’ll help you find a great foreclosed house at a terrific price.

But with our Automated Wholesaling System and software, why bother? You’ll have agents bringing their  properties to YOU. You’ll have other real estate investors fighting over your properties. And you’ll be taking all your profits to the bank. No risk, no hassle!

Order The Automated Wholesaling Profit System Today!

Don’t think you need the Automated Wholesaling Profit System? Ask yourself this

  • How many deals did you find today?
  • How many offers did you make today?
  • How many properties did you have to sell to other real estate investors?

Now ask yourself if a small monthly membership fee is worth getting unlimited leads on properties and having them available to sell to other investors? Easy money, no hassle. The choice is yours!

  • No combing page after page of real estate listings.
  • No dealing with high priced contractors that may not deliver on time.
  • No over budget projects that eat into your bottom line.
  • No pulling permits.
  • No monthly payments on a mortgage for a property that doesn’t sell right away.
  • No wasting time with open houses.

You will not find another system wth software more powerful
than the Automated Wholesaling Profit System!

In fact, I guarantee it!


htmlTry our Automated Wholesaling System powered by the Rapid Offer Generator for only $1 for a full 7 days. If you’re not convinced this amazing software system will transform your real estate business, bring you more offers and more sales than you’ve ever had before, Simply cancel your membership! It’s that simple!

Get the Automated Wholesaling System Today!

Don’t delay. Our Automated Wholesaling System will only be available for the $1 trial for a limited time. I’m convinced once you start using our system, you’ll see the power behind your real estate business and start receiving the money you deserve on every deal. Become a member today!


Duncan C. Wierman

PS. Remember, I’m offering the system for only a $1 trial, so there is no risk to you to try this amazing software that will revolutionize the way you buy and sell houses. But you need to act fast.

Test-drive the system for 7 days right now for just $1 and enjoy a DISCOUNTED rate of $69/month thereafter, instead of  the regular $97/month rate

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